Fife Bird Club was formed in July 1985 by a group of keen birders with the aim of providing more information and better facilities for those interested in the birds of mainland Fife. The Club has grown to include over two hundred members, with many living outwith Fife.
The membership comprises individuals with a variety of interests and expertise such as species recording, surveys, bird ringing, nest box schemes, habitat management and conservation work. All levels of experience and knowledge are catered for and members are encouraged to become involved in a wide variety of activities within the Club. Indoor meetings are held regularly throughout the year, with visiting speakers from a wide variety of organisations and backgrounds. There is also a programme of regular outings to visit sites in Fife and the adjacent regions with at least one annual field trip further afield – more recent destinations have included Shetland and Norfolk.
The aims of Fife Bird Club include
• To improve co-operation between those engaged in ornithological pursuits within Fife.
• To produce a regular bulletin/newsletter and assist in the production of the annual Fife Bird Report.
• To assist with the work of other individuals and organisations with similar aims and objectives.
• To pursue charitable activities concerned with the ornithology of Fife and its neighbouring areas.


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